My Firm

I am running my trade as a private firm, Firma Vävidé SM, since the beginning of 1989. Earlier I did my weaving as a hobby.

My business idea is to design and weave/sew exclusive textiles for private customers and companies. Since the fall of 1997 I also do liturgical textiles, when my proposition for a cope for the Ansgar chapel at the Birka World Heritage site was accepted by the board for the chapel.

I work out of my home at Adelsö with 2 damask looms, a small office and a well-stocked yarn supply room.

Presently I am working with textiles for Spånga and Ekerö parishes. I am also experimenting with new materials and techniques for table cloth and pillows for a new exhibition in april 2011. Presently, furs are also an interesting theme.